Children’s Community Center Orientation Checklist for Families

Incoming families for Fall 2017: Please return your paperwork by August 5, 2017.

Please print the forms and return to CCC at 1140 Walnut St, Berkeley, CA 94707. If you are unable to print we can mail you hard copies. Many of the forms can be filled electronically.

Your child will not be allowed to start school until all child related health and safety paperwork is completed. No adult will be allowed to participate without all relevant health and safety paperwork on file at CCC.

Welcome Letter

2017-18 Calendar (dates subject to change)

Orientation requirements checklist:

  1. Admission Agreement
  2. Child’s Pre-admission Health History – Parent’s Report
  4. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
  5. Developmental Enrollment Form
  6. Emergency Identification Information
  7. Orientation Attendance
  8. Participating Parents’ Statement(s) of Health
  9. Sunscreen Permission Slip
  10. Notification of Parents’ Rights – you keep top half
  11. Personal Rights – you keep top half
  12. Administrative Jobs Questionnaire
  13. Completed index cards
  14. Photo of your child (Please write your child’s name on the back of photo. It will go in your child’s cubby.)

*Be aware that the TB test is usually read at your doctor’s office 2-3 days after is it given.

Note: If you are having an issue accessing any of these forms electronically, try a different browser (especially Chrome). If you are unable to access any of them, contact the Membership Assistant and we will e-mail you the PDFs or mail you hard copies.

Questions or concerns about your orientation paperwork? Contact the Membership Assistant.