Equity Tuition

At CCC, we believe that all children deserve and benefit from a play-based education, and that families who are committed to participating in a cooperative preschool should be able to join our community regardless of income level. We recognize that our community is strongest when we are able to welcome and support families from diverse backgrounds, and yet the realities of the racial wealth gap and the socio-economic disparities of the Bay Area means that not all families have equal access to a play-based cooperative preschool. CCC has adopted Equity Tuition to ensure that all families contribute to our community within their financial means. Equity Tuition is how we at CCC can “walk the talk” of our diversity and equity values while also ensuring that our school’s financial needs are met in a sustainable way.

Under Equity Tuition, each family will have a personalized annual tuition totaling 5% of their household adjusted income, from a minimum of $75 to a maximum of $1550 a month (in the 2022-2023 year). Adjusted household income is determined by an application submitted to TADS, a third party financial assessor that considers such factors as household size, investment assets, student and medical debts, tax considerations, housing costs, cost of living, etc. The Equity Tuition calculation currently determines only the tuition for the core AM program. Fees for the optional extended care programs are fixed and the same for all families. 

All families accepted to CCC will be invited to complete a TADS financial application and will know their personalized monthly tuition rate before enrolling. If you have additional questions regarding Equity Tuition at CCC, please reach out to equitytuition@cccpreschool.org.


To estimate your monthly tuition rate, start with your combined household income as reported on your taxes. Multiply this number by 0.05. Now divide by 10 to get a monthly rate. This number will likely be the highest you would pay. Most families’ adjusted income will be lower than their annual income, as the TADS formula will adjust down for factors including household size, debts, housing costs, and cost of living. Remember that minimum and maximum caps (~$75 and ~$1550) may apply.

The chart below gives examples of real families’ annual income, adjusted income, and personalized monthly tuition, and can be used as an aid to estimate your tuition rate.

Example Tuition Chart. Family A has an annual income of $70,000, an adjusted income (as assessed by TADS) of $5,170, and a monthly tuition rate for the AM program of $75 per month. The minimum cap applies to this family. Family has an annual income of $300,000, an adjusted income of $281,813, and a monthly tuition rate of $1,409. Family C has an annual income of $136,350, an adjusted income of $10,519, and a monthly tuition rate of $75. The minimum cap applies to this family as well. Family D has an annual income of $140,000, an adjusted income of $53,885, and a monthly tuition rate of $270.