Equity Tuition

February 2023 Update: we have hit some implementation bumps and are in the process of revising our equity tuition model. In the meantime, we’ve expanded our financial aid pool for the 2023-2024 year. Questions? Reach out to equitytuition (at) cccpreschool.org.

At CCC, we believe that all children deserve and benefit from a play-based education, and that families who are committed to participating in a cooperative preschool should be able to join our community regardless of income level. We recognize that our community is strongest when we are able to welcome and support families from diverse backgrounds, and yet the realities of the racial wealth gap and the socio-economic disparities of the Bay Area means that not all families have equal access to a play-based cooperative preschool. CCC has adopted Equity Tuition to ensure that all families contribute to our community within their financial means. Equity Tuition is how we at CCC can “walk the talk” of our diversity and equity values while also ensuring that our school’s financial needs are met in a sustainable way.