Tuition for 2024-25

At CCC, we believe that all children deserve and benefit from a play-based education, and that families who are committed to participating in a cooperative preschool should be able to join our community regardless of income level. As part of our anti-bias education philosophy, we believe that children benefit when they experience similarities and differences in their peer group and community. Building relationships with people from many different identities and backgrounds is critical for children’s positive identity formation, cultural competency, and ability to navigate conflict. Fostering diverse relationships at an early age disrupts bias formation. Adults also benefit from the many different experiences and knowledge a diverse community brings. At a cooperative, each family contributes what they can to benefit the community as a whole.

To better align with our belief that each CCC family should  contribute what they can to support the education of all of our families, we are thrilled to introduce a new tuition structure designed to encourage each family to contribute according to their financial means. We hope to expand this structure over time.

Please note:

The rates listed are for 2023-2024. New rates for 2024-2025 will be provided after the annual school budget vote in January 2024. Tuition numbers might be increased by a small percentage.Monthly” refers to our total annual tuition divided into ten installments and charged monthly from August to May.Tuition Bucket C is the rate that would allow CCC to cover operating costs.

CCC Monthly Tuition Buckets
Regular Morning Program 9am-12:30PM, M-F
Bucket A: Write-In
Bucket B: $767
Bucket C: $852
Bucket D: $937
Bucket E: $1022

For Write-In, you have the option of writing in what you can afford. Approval of tuition rates below the value of Bucket B are dependent on fundraising revenue.

Determining Your Tuition Rate

Families will have the flexibility to pay a tuition amount that falls between or above the established buckets. All families will complete the Family Finance Picture Questionnaire (FFPQ) to help them determine which tuition bucket makes sense for their family, based on their unique circumstances. In addition, they may choose to reflect on the narrative descriptions of each of the tuition levels here.

The FFPQ is for self-reflection and guidance on selecting a bucket. Results will not influence admissions decisions. You are not required to submit FFPQ results to CCC, except for consideration for Bucket A.

Extended Care Tuition Calculator

In addition to our regular morning program (5 days/week, 9am-12:30pm), you may choose to enroll in any of our extended care options for 0-5 days a week, selecting specific days of the week upon enrollment:

Early Morning Care (EAM) 8-9am

Early Afternoon Care (PM1) 12:30-3:30pm

Late Afternoon Care (PM2) 3:30-5:30pm  

Ready to calculate your projected total monthly tuition*, including extended care?

Or calculate manually using the rates below:

+ (EAM x Days/Week) 
+ (PM1 x Days/Week) 
+ (PM2 x Days/Week) 

  1. Select your BASE TUITION RATE. You will use this rate for regular as well as extended care:

    REGULAR AM PROGRAM 9am-12:30pm, five days a week:
    • Bucket A: Write-In
    • Bucket B: $767
    • Bucket C: $852
    • Bucket D: $937
    • Bucket E: $1022


  2. Choose the number of days per week you’d like Early Morning Care and multiply that by your EAM rate as follows:

    EARLY MORNING CARE (EAM) 8-9am, 0-5 days a week:
    • EAM Bucket A: Write-In
    • EAM Bucket B: $45
    • EAM Bucket C: $50
    • EAM Bucket D: $55
    • EAM Bucket E: $60


  3. Choose the number of days per week you’d like Early Afternoon Care and multiply that by your PM1 rate as follows:

    EARLY AFTERNOON CARE (PM1) 12:30-3:30pm, 0-5 days a week:
    • PM1 Bucket A: Write-In
    • PM1 Bucket B: $134.10
    • PM1 Bucket C: $149
    • PM1 Bucket D: $163.90
    • PM1 Bucket E: $178.80


  4. Choose the number of days per week you’d like Late Afternoon Care and multiply that by your PM2 rate as follows:

    LATE AFTERNOON CARE (PM2) 3:30-5:30pm, 0-5 days a week:
    • PM2 Bucket A: Write-In
    • PM2 Bucket B: $90
    • PM2 Bucket C: $100
    • PM2 Bucket D: $110
    • PM2 Bucket E: $120

Due Dates

All families are required to complete their Family Finance Picture Questionnaire (FFPQ) and choose a tuition bucket upon accepting their enrollment offer (in February or afterward on a rolling basis).  New and returning families will submit the Tuition Selection Form confirming they completed the FFPQ and selecting the tuition bucket they request for the upcoming school year when they sign their offer letter.

To be considered for Bucket A, families will need to submit their FFPQ by January 15th (or for applications submitted after January 15th, at the time of submission).

* “Monthly” refers to our total annual tuition divided into ten installments and charged monthly, from August to May.