Co-op Responsibilities

CCC has flourished for nearly 100 years through the power of community engagement and teamwork. CCC families take on the following cooperative membership responsibilities:


Each enrolled child requires one caregiver to participate, one morning per week. Families often alternate caregivers, and occasionally other caregivers including grandparents are involved. On your participation day, your commitment starts at 8:45 am as you help set up the activity you will be supervising.You’ll conclude your day at12:45 pm after a teacher-director led caregiver meeting and clean up. 

In the event you are unable to work on your participation day, you can arrange a day swap with another caregiver or request another caregiver or teacher cover your day for a predetermined fee. CCC offers a limited number of half participation slots. Tuition for these slots is higher. We strongly encourage participation, as it is a fundamental aspect of our preschool’s philosophy.

Administrative Job

Each family contributes to  the school’s operations by taking on an administrative task. The estimated time commitment ranges from four to ten hours per month, although this can vary depending on the time of year and the specific role.   For instance, a board position may require more time per month. 


CCC organizes various fundraising efforts throughout the school year, and we ask families to participate to the extent that they are comfortable. We strive to offer a diverse range of fundraising opportunities, ensuring that there’s– “Something for Everyone”. These Opportunities may involve participating in letter writing campaigns, contributing to special events like our Silent Auction or Hopathon. To meet our fundraising needs, families are required to: 

  • Solicit or donate 2 auction items 
  • Raise or donate at least $300


Attendance of at least one adult family member is mandatory at our monthly meetings held throughout the year. During some meetings, we offer on-site childcare for a small fee. (No childcare available at Orientation meetings at the beginning of the year.)

  • Orientation Meetings: Usually one weekday evening the week before school starts and one Saturday morning. 
  • Yard Meetings: Held monthly, these meetings provide caregivers opportunities to engage in parent education, explore topics related to child-rearing, social/emotional and anti-bias development, resolving conflicts, and more. 
  • All-school Meetings: These meetings replace yard meeting in November, January and May. The community comes together for guest speakers, to review and vote on budget and other operations items.

Volunteer Hours

Each family is asked to contribute 12 “General Volunteer Hours” throughout the school year. These volunteer hours are distinct from the family job assignment. Families can allocate a maximum of 4 out of 12 volunteer hours to tasks within the same team as your family job. You have the flexibility to dedicate up to 4 volunteer hours to volunteer assignments related to your team. The remaining 8 hours should be completed on projects outside of your team. Once 12 general volunteer hours have been fulfilled, families continue to fulfill tasks as required as part of their family job.

Our goal is that all tasks essential to CCC’s operations are successfully accomplished, and that our families find their volunteer time, in addition to their weekly participation and family job commitments, to be fulfilling and purposeful.